empathyWe’ve all been there… it’s the middle of a four-hour meeting. A new piece of functionality is being unveiled for the first time. The Project Sponsor has a red face; the development team is actually sweating. Half-way through the budget and timeline of the new software system and the prognosis is bleak.

“This is not what was in the requirements document,” says the Project Sponsor.

 “Actually, if you flip to page 304, it clearly states the functionality that we have just down you,” answers the Lead Developer

 The entire group flips to page 304 and the room is silent for 20 seconds while everyone reads.

Project Sponsor, “That is not what I understood it to mean. This just doesn’t work the way I thought it would. This needs to be done right. I think we need to discuss rewriting this part of the program.”

 The Lead Developer goes very pale and the rest of the team issues a collective sigh- over budget and out of time again.

Brilliant, simple easy-to-use, engaging software doesn’t just happen. It requires focusing on people from the very beginning and checking-in at each step of the software development lifecycle. This is a new and unique way of building systems.

UCXinfoWe Create Experiences that You and Your Users Will Love

Why does software have to be and clunky and ugly-  Weird labels, solid blue backgrounds, menus within tabs within menus, experiences that jar and confuse instead of awe and inspire? Just a short while ago, you could get away with this…when people did their jobs and used your software because they had no other choice.

The last five years have brought those days to a shuddering stop. Immersive, rich new technology has produced different users with evolved expectations and tastes. They have iPhones and tablets and crave entertaining consumer experiences. Your software might be the backbone of a multimillion dollar operation, but will your users actually use it?

We bring together our unique UCX approach, the best development teams along with an amazing group of user-centered designers to take your software and transform it into a rich, engaging and immersive experience that your people will enjoy using.

Together, we can transform your enterprise software system into a compelling, entertaining and engaging experience that people will love.