Great Employee Experience = Better Customer Experience

Great Employee Experience = Better Customer Experience

Most organizations do not have enough accurate insight into what their employees are experiencing. Do employees have to search long and hard for customer information? Do they have to click through screen after screen to complete a task? Are manual processes managed in Excel and via multiple rounds of emails? Are employees frustrated or fulfilled? Do […]

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Human-Centered Design can Heal...

Human-Centered Design can Heal…

Two years ago, I had the privilege of engaging on system redesign project for a large hospital system. Because we led with the UCX process and a Human-Centered Design mindset, we started with interviews. I spent two weeks talking with doctors, nurses, patients, clinicians, data analysts, and administrators— over 150 wonderful people who detailed immense frustration and the […]

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Human-Centered Mindset

Human-Centered Mindset

“Embracing human-centered design means believing that all problems, even the seemingly intractable ones like poverty, gender equality, and clean water, are solvable. Moreover, it means believing that the people who face those problems every day are the ones who hold the key to their answer. Human-centered design offers problem solvers of any stripe a chance […]

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You're In The Wrong Room

You’re In The Wrong Room

“Applying design thinking to business problems empowers organizations and individuals within them to better understand their competitive and operational environment. From behavioral patterns to values to systems-level challenges to go-to market strategies , the process of understanding how to meet the needs of people often turns itself inward and reveals some of the deadliest organizational […]

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Value-Centered Design

Value-Centered Design

Successful businesses figure out how to join business goals with user goals. We call this value-centered design.  

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The Importance of Mapping the Customer Journey

The Importance of Mapping the Customer Journey

“A digital ecosystem is the term given to a set of products, services, and people that function together in a symbiotic way…, I often meet clients who want to integrate all sorts of functionality into their digital solutions—email, Facebook, SMS—without really considering if that inclusion will actually add value for their users. Rather than unilaterally […]

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Customer experience has great value

Customer experience has great value

Research results, along with the performance of companies like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, and Intuit, have shown us that the value of extraordinary customer experiences is a powerful and effective currency. Once people have an extraordinary experience with a company, they value it above other alternatives available to them. Companies have opportunities to be the first […]

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Measuring Customer Experience (CX)

Measuring Customer Experience (CX)

Measuring customer experience New ways of defining and measuring the value of customer experience are emerging. J.D. Power issued a report in February 2011, “Achieving Excellence in Customer Service,” that measured customer interaction with the J.D. Power 5 PsSM: a company’s people, presentation, price, product, and process. They are the drivers of excellence for customer […]

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Beyond Satisfied... Customer Experience

Beyond Satisfied… Customer Experience

The old concept of customer satisfaction is too narrow. Satisfaction is the difference between what a customer expects and what a customer gets. It is still an important ingredient, but customer commitment is a much more effective measure of experience. Says Tucker, “The outcome is customer commitment, not satisfaction.” Measuring a customers’ level of commitment […]

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The Meaning of Life...

The Meaning of Life…

Lately, work has been tough. Weeks away from home helping internal and external clients understand the value of this work. When we design and implement systems in our society, it’s most often from a reactive place. The water main breaks, we replace it. The internet site doesn’t get as many conversions as we would like, […]

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