My husband and I live in beautiful Boise, Idaho with our two amazing dogs. We are always outside on the trails, smiles on our faces, off to the next adventure. I’ve been working in this field for just about 20 years.  I am a passionate team player that designs with these values in mind:

Empathy before ego
Progress over stagnation
Effectiveness and then speed
Curiosity rather than complacency
Collaboration instead separation

I take every opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and expose myself to new and different ways of being and thinking. I am a voracious reader. Human workings- emotions, beliefs and psychology are my favorite reading subjects. From Carl Jung to Measuring the User Experience: Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics, I find the common thread is an unbiased curiosity about the human condition.

I attend at least three to four large conferences every year devoted to honing my craft. I’ve traveled all over the world- which really exposes privilege and bias.

I’ve been paid to interview over 7,200 people during my career and come away from those interviews with real, strong and usable quantifiable data. If you design with the end in mind, success means being aware of your biases.

I’ve conditioned myself to look for the data through deep empathy. I’m on a life-long journey to liberate myself from my personal biases and uninformed beliefs- helping people to have better experiences with the systems I help design.

Please drop me a note- I will get right back with you! Or you can email me at dm at daniellacreates dot com, call @ 210.722.9225.

LinkedIn: DaniellaMatutes