Measuring Customer Experience (CX)

Measuring Customer Experience (CX)

Measuring customer experience New ways of defining and measuring the value of customer experience are emerging. J.D. Power issued a report in February 2011,

mediumcem“Achieving Excellence in Customer Service,” that measured customer interaction with the J.D. Power 5 PsSM: a company’s people, presentation, price, product, and process. They are the drivers of excellence for customer experience. J.D. Power measured the J.D. Power 5 PsSM in its analysis of feedback from hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers who do business with more than 1200 different companies.

After looking across dozens of industries, they identified forty companies that stood out from the rest, delivering an experience consistently superior to their competition. They called these companies “J.D. Power Customer Service Champions.” The data shows that these forty companies share one extremely significant attribute. They do more than deliver on their customers’ expectations—they exceed them.

In doing so, they raise people’s expectations for their competition. Some examples of how companies exceed customers’ expectations include:

Employees who are encouraged and empowered to help solve customers’ problems:
Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Hotels
Products enhanced through effective packaging and merchandising effort:
Caribou Coffee
Prices that reflect value:
Wegman’s Pharmacy, Lincoln and Cadillac automobiles, and Quicken Loans
Easy, effective, and fast interactions:
Amazon’s and Zappos’ product delivery and return policies

The Customer Experience Revolution

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